Internet Media is a national innovative marketing firm for business strategy, web site and digital asset development, marketing and advertising for search, social, mobile, emerging technology, and traditional advertising resource planning.

We bring together more than 3 years of digital credentials to help you solve your most complex marketing, branding and advertising problems.

Our client-partner approach aligns our BIG IDEAS with marketing and advertising services focused on your goals. The result is client engagements spanning 3 years or more on average. Clients and their stakeholders come to depend on us for thought leadership, Next Generation ideas, honest advice and measureable performance.

We Provide Integration Strategy for NextGen Programs. Senior executives are in imbalance about how to maintain profitable growth while navigating risk in the digital environment. We apply a gap strategy to bridge the vision and execution. This is the difference in us and why we succeed.

Brands choose Internet Media for our clarity and vision.

Agency of Record

Most clients choose to engage us as the Agency of Record, where we become entrenched in your business as an extension of your management and staff. We are comfortable in that leadership role and can take as much or as little of the strategy execution as you need us to take; ultimately we work together as a team, complementing our clients knowledge and augmenting voids where needed.

We are also comfortable in providing digital services in select subject-matter areas where you need a change in those services but not necessarily the Agency relationship. These might include web site development, search marketing and media, digital media creative, campaign planning, buying and reporting.

Modern Brand Development, Integration Management

Modern Brand Strategy, Footprint, Voice
and Activation

Modern Brand Management for:
— SEO and SEM (earned and paid search media)
— Social Media
— Next Generation Website and Digital Assets
— Brand Optimization, Performance and Metrics
Modern branding is using two way interactions to activate your brand and to build true brand fans. Developing the best strategy for integration is hard when you are on the inside of the day to day workings of your brand. We assess your current brand integration, look for gaps and create gap strategies. Our approach is eye-opening to many clients. What seemed challenging to accomplish, we tackle with a fresh approach that effectively ties it all together.

NextGen Digital Asset Development

— Branding, Interface Design, Compelling Creative
— Technology Design, Development and
— User Experience Modeling
— Portals
— eCommerce Sites
— B2B and B2C Web Sites
— Micro Sites, Promotional Sites, Seasonal Changes
— Social Media Design and Development
— Digital Media Campaigns, Video Sites,
     Campaign Sites and Landing Sites
— Blogs and Public Relations Sites
— Industry Platforms
— Mobile, Tablet and Emerging Technology

Our focus is clear: Attract and Influence. We have followed the anthropology of online behavior for many years and we design and build your digital assets to stay in front of that behavior. We develop the BIG IDEA and execute that idea through compelling creative that attracts attention, prompts curiosity and influences the audience to take an action.

The BIG IDEA must be executed well, in concert with today’s leading technology and in compliance with the best practices for SEO ranking. We take full accountability for these elements since all of our work is produced in-house. We assist you through the selection process for Content Management Solutions, eMail Solutions, Tracking and Reporting Software and other technology options.

And we know how to architect your web site and other digital assets to set the stage for maximum online marketing results. Our focus is clear: Attract Audiences and Influence Conversion.

Search Engine Optimization and Media (SEO & SEM)

— SEO Assessment, Key Observations and
— Web Site Technology and Content Modifications
     for Ranking Performance
— Content Planning and Creation for Merchandising
     and Call-to-Action Tracking
— SEO SEM Action Plans
— Dynamic Keyword Delivery and Audits
— Link Back Programs, Online Authority and Link
     Popularity Audits
— Paid Keyword Strategy, Plan & Human Touch
     Paid Keyword Management
— SEO Program Integration With Social Media
     and UGC assets

No matter what industry you are in; qualified traffic is our focus because conversion is the goal.

We use SEO and SEM as the foundation and springboard for qualified web traffic generation. We have been doing it longer than any other digital company. Our approach is to leverage SEO and content creation as the primary driver and to use paid search for campaigns. Our point of view is that SEO is an annuity that pays off day after day for your business.

The SEO and SEM tactics must strike a balance that results in cost-effective, qualified web traffic and conversions. Our point plan of action is too extensive to list here, but we are happy to provide you with a comprehensive proposal for a program that produces real SEO and SEM qualified traffic year over year.

Social Media

— Brand Guidelines
— Trending
— Social and Community Assessment and Key
— Apps, Widgets, Integration to Your
     Web Site
— Social Media Campaigns
— Social Tracking Integrated With Your Reporting
     and Analytics

Since 2010 we have used social media and user generated content to fuel viral marketing, SEO results and consumer engagement. We were published in national leading industry news advocating consumer engagement long before they were buzz words.

Today your brand must be part of the social media revolution to survive.

We have a long and intimate understanding of communities and social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter, and long tail communities. We leverage our insight and partnerships with these companies to help you engage consumers, build brand fans, add subscribers, make new friends, and influence followers.

Digital Advertising

— Digital Advertising Program Assessment
     and Planning
— Creating Custom Digital Ad Platforms
— BIG IDEA Creative for Integrated Campaigns
— Best Practices for “In Campaign Optimization”
— Industry Benchmarks for
     Performance Measurement
— Case Studies for Best Performers
     in Digital Advertising

Reaching online audiences has grown more complex and expensive. Significant changes in how media is bought and sold keep many companies in the dark about the real opportunities for return on investment. There is a marked difference between simply buying digital advertising media and really putting your dollars to work. We can help you build a very effective and measurable digital advertising program AND customize an ad platform for your specific audience demographics and psychographics. You can choose to have us buy your media with great cost-efficiencies, use the ad platform in-house with our discounts, or outsource to your media buying agency.

Mobile Advertising and Emerging Technologies

— Compliance and Best Practices
— Mobile and Tablet App Design and Development
— Campaign Design and Execution

Taking advantage of the exploding growth in mobile and emerging technology is dependent upon having all the options laid out in front of you. We are aligned at the top of the mobile food chain, with the carriers as our sounding board. Many times, we are the company that develops campaign concepts for carrier approval, and we continue to have a clean slate to develop innovative mobile applications and campaigns for you.

Research and Strategy Development

— Assessments and Audits (digital assets;
     marketing; advertising; budgets)
— Integration Alignment and Gap Strategies
— Target Audience Demographics and Expansion
— Quantitative and Qualitative Studies
— Third Party Audits

The digital landscape continues to change rapidly,
morphing into new, unforeseen territories.
Our global
research and applied analytics are the first steps in building your strategic plan to react dynamically in the changing environment.

Ours is a client-focused, team approach. We have been part of the anthropology of online behavior since 1993. We get in front of adoption trends to give you a working strategy as well as digital insights that impact your business.

The old way of planning traditional marketing and advertising is over. No longer can you plan Digital as a “tag along” tactic. Budget and programs need to be in alignment to produce powerful results. To integrate these strategies, your agency or digital marketing provider must understand both digital and traditional. We do, across multiple industries. Our integration of digital and traditional into one strategy and program is focused on cost-efficiencies and measurable return on investment for you and stakeholders.

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Our constant innovation keeps our clients ahead of competition.


We are known in the digital industry as innovators and pioneers online. Yes, we were there when the first search engines were developed, the first eCommerce engine was beta tested and the first advertising model was rolled out. We were a part of them all. Today, these innovators are colleagues as we look to each other to stay in front of the next iteration of the digital advertising space. Innovation to us means positioning you in the forefront of what happens next… in your industry and in the digital space. It means going into new territory and gaining a first-mover advantage for you against competitors. We will always innovate. And we can keep you on the leading edge, while avoiding the bleeding edge.

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